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SEDCO Newsletter Quarter 4, 2015
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Results of the Second Riyali Course on the Rwaq Platform The second course of the Riyali Financial Literacy program achieved great results on the Rwaq E-learning Platform. The course was launched in September and was attended by 4462 members of staff, students, business leaders and others. A survey was conducted to study the feasibility of the program and the modules presented during the second course. The results showed that 98.96 percent of the 1150 participants who took part of the program and benefited from the training modules on Rwaq, expressed complete satisfaction about the program.

The survey included questions regarding the visual material of the program, financial concepts, and the importance of earned information, the satisfaction level, and the impact of the training modules on the students’ understanding about saving, investing, borrowing and budgeting. The results turned out very positive as 94 percent of the participants said that the course changed their understanding of saving, and for 92 percent of the participants, the course changed their understanding of budgeting.

Success stories

The Riyali courses on the Rwaq E-learning Platform were attended by many young boys and girls who expressed their happiness and satisfaction towards the courses as it improved their learning on financial awareness.

Khadija Ali Awad said: “Thankfully, I learned a lot in this course and my achievement rate was 76 percent.”

Sultan al-Rumaythan said: “The curriculum enriched substantial knowledge in my learning, thank you Rwaq and thanks to the program’s management.”

Muhammad Salah al-Din said: “Thanks to the organizers of this program, and thank God I got my certificate with a 92 percent achievement rate.”

AlHanoof al-Otaibi said: “Thank you all, I benefited a lot, may God reward you.”

Ahmed al-Ghamdi said: “All thanks to SEDCO Holding and Rwaq for the wonderful and useful lessons of the Riyali Financial Literacy. We wish that other organizations would carry out similar programs under the community service sector through high value and quality work. Thank you all once again and good luck.”

King Abdulaziz University Courses

The Riyali Financial Literacy program held several training courses for boys and girls at the King Abdulaziz University in cooperation and partnership with the Waqf Academy. The two-week financial awareness sessions aim to equip trainees with the skills of personal budget management and learning how to avoid falling into debts. The course was delivered by a number of Riyali ambassadors and was attended by 206 students.

New courses to train Riyali ambassadors in Jazan, Riyadh, the Holy City of Makkah and Al Bahah

The Riyali Financial Literacy program held new training courses for it ambassadors in Riyadh, the Holy city of Makkah and for the first time in Jazan and Al Bahah. These Riyali training courses aim to prepare and develop the youth’s skills and provide them with the necessary knowledge that will enable them to face their responsibilities in life.

So far, the Riyali training courses have been conducted in 19 cities and 950 ambassadors have been enrolled in the courses. The programs prepare ambassadors and volunteers to train schools and university students. The course’s topics are taught in accordance with the education curriculum and include: Personal Financial Planning and Budgeting, Saving, Investing and Borrowing. They are delivered through lectures and interactive programs that have been tailored to meet the social and cultural needs of the Kingdom. It is worth noting that these courses also seek to achieve the objective of the Riyali Financial Literacy program in raising awareness on financial concepts and to equip the youth with individual financial skills to help them achieve a desirable standard of living.

Riyali Participates in “Taghayart” Forum during Ramadan in Riyadh

The Riyali Financial Literacy Program participated at “Taghayart” Forum during Ramadan in Riyadh. It is one of the programs under the Corporate Social Responsibility umbrella that calls for investing in the holy month of Ramadan to create a positive impact on human life. Now in its fifth edition, the Forum hosted a large number of students and youth with the aim of creating a change in their lives, based on the positive values of the holy month which address the need for a shift from many negative habits. Training, development and intellectual leaders participated in the Forum and presented their valuable thoughts and experiences to bring about the goals for change and self-development to the participants. The Forum also included a variety of entertaining activities for all attendees.

Sponsored by SEDCO Holding Group: The Riyali Program Holds a Public Lecture and Introductory Forum at the Conference of Academic Advising

SEDCO Holding Group participated as a Diamond sponsor at the Conference of Academic Advising in Higher Education of the Gulf Cooperation Council, in sponsorship of HE the Minister of Education, and organized by the Deanship of Admission and Registration at the King Abdulaziz University on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2015.

The Riyali Financial Literacy Program, founded by SEDCO Holding Group, held a public lecture entitled “Job Creators and Financial Literacy”, presented by Amr Banaja VP of Corporate Communications and Marketing at SEDCO Holding Group, and Dr Kamal Abdeulaal, CSR Manager at SEDCO Holding Group, and it was attended by 1,500 female and male students. The Riyali Program also participated in an Introductory Forum that was held during two sessions for both males and females, and it had a positive influence on the audience as they were informed about Riyali, the courses and efforts exerted during the conference. It is worth mentioning that SEDCO Holding Group was honored with a Diamond sponsor shield at the conference.

‘Riyali’ and ‘Noble Comprehensive Training Center’ sign partnership agreement with the Ministry of Education in Yanbu to train 10,000 students

With the support of the Ministry of Education in Yanbu and in presence of its Director-General of Education, ‘Riyali’ signed a partnership agreement to train 10,000 students in Yanbu. Reunited in one of the city’s iconic halls, Dr. Kamal Abdeulaal trained 100 teachers to become the program’s ambassadors across schools in Yanbu. These ambassadors will teach and train the students with aim to raise their financial awareness. The Director-General of Education, Mohamad Bin Adbullah AlOkaibi, thanked SEDCO Holding Group for their pioneering role in raising awareness financial literacy and expressed the Ministry’s enthusiasm to sustain this fruitful partnership as he presented Dr. Kamal with a token of appreciation.

The Honoring Ceremony of the Riyali Ambassadors in Riyadh

The Riyali Financial Literacy program honored a number of its female ambassadors from Al-Nahda Philanthropic Society for Women and its students from King Abdulaziz University in Riyadh. They were honored for their numerous achievements during 20 hours of voluntary work for Riyali program and awarded valuable prizes and gift vouchers during the ceremony.