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SEDCO Newsletter Quarter 4, 2015
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Nahdi Medical Company, the leading retail pharmacy chain in Saudi Arabia, has exemplified its strength and expertise in supply chain management, ranking first place locally and seventh place globally in “The Fresh Connection” competition, which concluded on June 5th, qualifying Nahdi to participate in the finals in Amsterdam, in September.

Participating in the competition were over 650 professionals, making up 130 teams from thirty countries, with 13 teams from Saudi Arabia. Nahdi Medical Company’s supply chain management team was able to achieve high placement in a global competition which included companies such as Lenovo, Pepsi, Fuji, Xerox, Bosch, Carrefour, Haier, Nike, Unilever, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, Ericsson, Dell, DHL, Hettich, Oriflame and Peugeot.

Nahdi is dedicated to improving its supply chain system by building a warehouse that is globally certified by ISO Global Standards, accommodating over 20,000 healthcare products, infant milk products, medication and beauty products, which will be distributed to various areas across Saudi Arabia, by a fleet of readily-equipped and refrigerated vehicles, amounting to a total of 85. The company will also continue to build its logistical infrastructure and develop supply chain solutions, as part of the company-wide development of a wide range of solutions and innovations.

The Fresh Connection is a web-based business simulation of value chain management which provides a yearly competition between company teams. The Fresh Connection challenges teams to make the best strategic and tactical choices for the value chain to save the virtual company from financial ruin. Comprising five member teams, participants are provided with the opportunity to play various management roles with the aim of making the virtual company as profitable as possible.