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SEDCO Newsletter Quarter 4, 2015
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Nahdi Medical launched its new Gamar Baby-care products under the company’s keenness to extend its success which followed the launch of the Orex oral cavity care products.

The company aims to increase profits through the launch of a competitive high-quality product. These special products are essential as they create a database for a wider reach of clients for global retail companies namely Walmart, Target, Tesco and retail pharmacies such as Boots, CVS and Superdrug.

Nahdi’s Gamar products offer an integrated variety of safe and entrusted products, as they provide cleanliness and soft care due to its safe ingredients which nurtures the baby’s skin.

The launch of Gamar was a result of thorough research according to the highest recommended standards by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. Field surveys were also conducted to gather quantitative and qualitative data with a targeted sample of audience from different cities in partnership with the global research company “Millward Brown”. The results were impressive as it succeeded in satisfying the audience’s need for quality product, and considering the design of the tablet and the rational behind the advertising campaign. It is worth mentioning that the Gamar products are produced in Southern Africa according to the highest global standards in manufacturing and production.