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SEDCO Newsletter Quarter 4, 2015
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  Our Achievements  

SEDCO Holding Group launched its all new “Riyali” Financial Literacy E-Learning Platform. The program objective is to reach two million young people over the next five years.

The launch of the “Riyali” e-learning platform is the next logical step and constitutes a paradigm shift for a program that was initially carried out in universities. “Riyali Kids” expanded to schools and penetrated the young minds through intensive training courses provided to ambassadors and volunteers. The program signed strategic partnerships with training and academic centers since 2012, because it had set itself a target to physically reach 50,000 young people within five years. This far, the program offered training sessions in 22 Saudi cities gathering 950 program ambassadors and volunteers, each adequately prepared to give the “Riyali” course to university and school students with aim to maximize the spread of awareness.

The success of this online presence is the result of the program’s presence on the platform where “Riyali” broke a record accomplishing the highest participation rate amongst all available programs. This achievement was preceded by the equally successful launch onto the Doroob platform, with the support of the Human Resources Development Fund.

Educational CSR programs are expected to create a long-lasting and sustainable impact that can be evidenced and measured. “Riyali” is but one example. Technology has proven itself to be a valuable asset, and as companies start to embrace technology, websites and e-learning platforms the challenges for most educational based Corporate Social Responsibility Programs can become opportunities by reducing costs, spreading reach and maintaining quality.